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Project Description

A city with an exceptional climate, Marrakech is essential in the Kingdom of Morocco as the ideal destination to enjoy the fresh air at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Dar Syada, because of its geographical location is all the more timely to escape as nature is a master in there. With every moment the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of a landscape worthy of a painting, it is the colors of nature and harmony that are the key words of the Dar Syada experience.

The direct and permanent contact with nature gives to those who go there a feeling of serenity and a unique inner peace. Moreover, it is the age-old culture of Morocco that you can discover in Dar Syada, thanks to its Kasbah, its Berber village, its tents and its hammam, but also thanks to its many species of plants, palm trees and cactus. Finally, how could we fail to cite the many works of art that inhabit the places and give them a strong and a unique spirit.

Located at the crossroads between nature, culture, architecture, well-being, freedom and serenity, Dar Syada invites you to an escape from everyday life, without limits or borders…