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About us

Dar Syada, an enchanting domain nestled at the foot of the bluish belt of the Atlas mountain chain, imposes itself as an awakening dream for anyone who comes to visit. Straight out of the most inspired architectural sketches of our time, like the famous architect Le Corbusier, Dar Syada sits at the crossroads of traditional and modern, craft and design, nature and art.

Mixing several types of constructions, one finds there secular buildings of the Moroccan culture, as well as the Kasbah, the Hammam or the Caidal tents and a palpable European inspiration with stained glasses, the geometric lines of the villa, or the ubiquitous furniture design. Moreover, responding to a delicate balance between natural and human, Dar Syada is a constant stroll in universes as different as complementary, as indicated by its many works of African art, its paintings of great Moroccan artists that punctuate the walls, and the universe of its national craftsmanship.

Beautifully open to nature and the flourishing wide areas of rose gardens, nurseries, bamboo groves, orchards, orange groves, and other vegetation, every moment spent in Dar Syada is an invitation to escape and inner well-being, made accessible by its openings on the exteriors. Nothing disturbs the view, except the lush horizon that is to be enjoyed without moderation.

Just a few minutes from the famous Pearl of the South, go to Dar Syada, and enjoy the dream as a couple, with family or friends.