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Nestled amidst lush gardens, the Kasbah Dar Syada is an intimate haven, marrying divinely traditional style with modern inspirations. This citadel of Berber architecture is an identical replica of a period Kasbah. The reproduction does not stop only with the shape of the building, but extends to its components. In fact, to revive this century-old building, craftsmen have reused the land from its ruins to build the sumptuous walls of Kasbah Dar Syada.

The Kasbah sits on a space of 867 m² where conviviality and comfort are the key words. Like an earthen palace, this architectural jewel enjoys a panoramic view of the greenery adorned with the sumptuous Atlas Mountains. At the heart of the Kasbah, tradition and modernity are in symbiosis, a harmonious marriage that expresses itself in every room of life, down to the smallest details.

The ground floor is a multi-purpose space housing a dining room with a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, an American bar, and a lounge where you can take a break reading or watching TV by the fire. Behind authentic Berber doors, two charming suites (58 m², 66 m²) imprinted with Moroccan know-how offer comfort and privacy. Fossilized marble, tadelakt, wood, wrought iron … carefully crafted material by local craftsmen cohabits harmoniously in different living spaces where peace and friendliness are the common theme. For those who want to gain height, two other suites (36m ², 42m ²) nestled in the heart of the dovecotes come to offer a breathtaking view of the paradise setting enjoyed by the estate.

The Kasbah Dar Syada allows you to enjoy the legendary sweet life of the Ocher City thanks to its outdoor dining room, its graphic pool paved with black marble, where only the runoff of the waterfall echoes the songs of the birds. Unusual and surprising, the open-air shower nestled in the patio is ideal to reinvigorate oneself during the summer days.

A meeting point between tradition and modernity, the Kasbah Dar Syada is the dream choice of those who aspire to calm and excellence, in a universe that crosses ages and styles.